UltraLight Aircraft

Ultralight Aircraft

Ultralights are very light weight single or two-seater aircraft which are mostly used for sports and recreation. There is no need for any pilot’s license required to fly these ultralight aircraft. They do not fly at a very fast speed neither they fly high in the air. To fly an ultralight one need to check on the weather conditions also because it is not easy to fly ultralights in the winds.

The term ultralight can incorporate everything from non-powered hang gliders to fueled parachutes to completely instrumented, smooth looking “cruisers” weighing under 254 pounds.

Flying a ultralight does not require a pilot declaration or training and there is no minimum age limit also. It just requires 10-20 Hours to operate the ultralight by itself. Aircraft costs are also not high, new ultralight costs between $8000-$15000 and a used one cost for up to $5000.

Ultralights are very popular not only because of their low cost but also for the fun involved in them. Even the pilots who could fly big aircraft likes to fly these ultralights because of thy provide them more fun.

They like the adventure of flying in an open cockpit, taking off from the irregular lands and flying low and slow over the fields of the countryside.