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Ultralight Aircraft Center is a website that shares the information about ultralight aircraft and drones with their rules, regulations, and other latest updates.

The purpose of our website is to share ideas, insights, web resources, articles etc regarding upcoming information and updates about drones and ultralights.

The main focus of the website is on Ultralight aircraft, which is an aircraft that is lightweight and has the capability to fly with only 1 or 2 persons at a time.  Weight-shift-control and Conventional 3-axis control are the two types of ultralight aircraft available, and both of them are also known as microlight and ultralight aircraft respectively.

Between 1970’s and 1980’s ultralight aircraft began to be used more widely as aviation authorities set up minimum regulations re. their light weight and lower speed.

To fly an ultralight aircraft in Europe, a person has to follow the rules and fulfill all the necessary requirements of European Aviation Safety Agency(EASA).

Earning your Light Aircraft Pilot License ensures a unified a unified approach to fly aircraft, unlike the other ultralight license schemes which are national schemes vary from one member state to other.