Trained To Fly Drones – Now Where Do You Find A Job?

Drone Pilot Jobs

There could be as many as150,000 drone jobs in Europe by the year 2050, says a report out from the EU Committee of Britain’s House of Lords. Those jobs include manufacturing and other support work in addition to piloting. In the United States, the drone business has claimed there will be a similar bonanza. But there are a few catches.

People will need to learn how to fly them. In the United Kingdom, commercial drone pilots require a type of aviation permit; regulations ban them from being flown over built-up regions or crowds, or out of sight. But the aviation sector is still worried. It’s said that “leisure” users may at some time cause “a catastrophic accident,” which could harm the development of the business, the report states.

There’s the issue of perception. Drones definitely make people apprehensive, although there’s a significant difference between the small commercial units and the large military drones that patrol the skies over war zones. The unexplained sighting of drones over Paris last week had a town that had recently undergone a terrorist atrocity instantly on edge.

While drones are already increasingly used for photography and filming by movie-makers and journalists in addition to enthusiasts, they also have less visible uses. Farmers examining their farms to plan crop rotation, real estate agents taking shots of homes and, infrastructure organizations checking on cables and or bridges. All these make privacy an especially fraught issue. To cope with that, the report requests for pilots to be made conscious of rules that protect people from having their individual lives examined or their data collected.

Keeping track of what drones are in the skies should help. The report also recommends creating an internet database on which operators could share their flight plans and indicates that the UK and Europe team up with NASA. The US space agency is already exploring the development of such a system, which may eventually be a sort of drone air-traffic control.

Job Listings At Top Drone Industries

You do not have to be a pilot to find work in the drone industry.

As the industry evolves, more jobs across a variety of sectors are currently becoming available. From software engineering to marketing, to account management, to fund, and more–in this section, we list job pages from some of the greatest companies in the drone business, where you will find occupations that don’t necessarily require that you understand how to fly.

1. Agribotix

Agribotix supplies software to assist people in using drone technology in agriculture. They are focused on agriculture to help farmers improve yields and maximize the bottom line. Their core business is currently making data processing software to examine drone-collected agricultural pictures.

2. DJI


Image Source:

DJI is among the top consumer drone producers in the world. Their Phantom 40 Guru is a go-to drone for many new drone service providers. According to data supplied by the FAA, DJI’s Inspire, Mavic, and Phantom series drones are amongst the most utilized bought in the U.S. for industrial work.

3. AirMap


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AirMap’s cutting-edge technology transforms airspace under 500 feet to provide accurate, dependable, and trustworthy information and communication tools to the drone market. Their software was designed by specialists in GIS, aviation, and policy. AirMap cooperates with industry leaders like senseFly, Intel, DJI, and many others, sharing their information in the flying apps those companies provide.

4. 3DR


Image Source:

3DR was launched in 2009 and is a pioneer in the drone market. They make Site Scan, an entire drone platform that is built for the construction and technology teams. With Site Scan, users may fly with both 3DR and DJI drones, create and see high-resolution 2D maps and 3D models, scale drone jobs throughout the enterprise, and utilize the information in Autodesk and GIS tools.

5. Bentley


Image Source:

Bentley is the founder of ContextCapture, which enables users to generate broad and challenging 3D models that include complex real-world conditions, such as scales as big as whole cities, from simple photos or point clouds, to be able to quickly and easily provide context for construction, design, and operations decisions for all kinds of infrastructure projects across the world.

6. DroneDeploy



DroneDeploy provides powerful cloud-based drone software that is compatible with almost any drone. It permits you to map and create 3D models and analyze and share the information directly from your device.

7. Draganfly Innovations

Draganfly Innovations

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Draganfly Innovations hand-makes their devices in North America. They create systems that concentrate on safety applications, industrial inspection, aerial photography, and research/education.

8. DroneBase


Image Source:

DroneBase is a service that enables you to hire a drone Pilot to become a freelance pilot for them or to complete a job. They match up each job and pilot depending on availability, location, and equipment required. DroneBase is the first drone service provider drone that DJI has spent in through SkyFund.

9. DRL


Image Source:

The Drone Racing League ” needs to be to drones what the WWE is to wrestling,” as Vice Magazine puts it. The Drone Racing League manages and develops drone racing around the U.S. and the world.

10. FLIR


Image Source:

FLIR is a business that brings innovative sensing solutions into daily life for drones through visible-light imaging systems, thermal imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced heat detection systems. FLIR’s imaging solutions aren’t restricted to use on drones.

11. Esri


Image Source:

Esri is Responsible for building ArcGIS, among the most powerful mapping software on earth. ArcGIS connects people with data, maps, and apps through geographical information systems (GIS). It is a location program that’s available anywhere, anyone, anytime. Esri software is utilized in many different applications, from Fortune 500 companies to national and local governments, to public utilities and tech startups.

12. Flyability


Image Source:

Flyability created Elios, The world’s first flying robot capable of remaining stable after contact, reliable to fly close to people, and developed particularly for industrial inspection specialists. Their collision-tolerant system enables, for the first time, effortless and safe access to areas out of reach of modern drone systems. In 2015 Flyability got the UAE Drones for Good Award, which arrived with a whopping $1M prize.

13. Kespry

Image Source:

Kespry manufactures drones explicitly made for viewing, capturing, and analyzing survey information and imagery. Their clients include mining, aggregates, construction, and surveying companies.

14. Insitu

Image Source: Wikipedia

Insitu encompasses the range of drone services, providing hardware in the kind of commercial-focused drones, software for obtaining intelligence from raw data gathered by drones and drone-related services for commercial applications, such as surveying and surveillance. Their ScanEagle drone was intended for airborne imaging, with varied applications like agricultural assessment, gas or oil pipeline inspection, and force protection.

15. Intel

Image Source:

Intel is a top industry concerning innovation and creating new technologies to meet developing requirements. In the last few years, they’ve associated with Disney to create aerial light shows that can replace fireworks displays, using their Shooting Star drone. Intel both generates the systems required to produce their drones and drones.

16. Kittyhawk

Image Source: Kittyhawk

Kittyhawk is a one-stop store for logging, flying, and regulating UAV operations. They have a definite focus on delivering value for their pilots, which displays in the usability of their program and the fact that they support for extensive logging of hours.

17. Measure

Image Source:

The measure was established to help businesses prevent capital expenditure and the operating risk associated with one’s own internal drone services. The measure provides cost-effective mapping and aerial imaging solutions for customers worldwide.

18. Matternet

Image Source:

Matternet is A UAV company that makes world-class flying vehicles and smart software. The Matternet One was developed by them, the first smart drone created for transport. In 2016 Matternet teamed up with Mercedes-Benz” to make the integrated delivery option that will change how people get lightweight products on demand.”

19. PrecisionHawk

PrecisionHawk’s mission is to “produce the airspace platform providing better answers, faster while allowing safe, low altitude flight.” They supply data collection tools to collect and process high-quality data. PrecisionHawk provides everything from information processing to 3D terrain mapping. Check out PrecisionHawk’s DataMapper, a software package that transforms UAV vision into actionable information.

20. Parrot

Image Source:

Parrot offers some of the greatest drones in the marketplace. Their Bebop drone is continually a preference in lists around the internet, and the 2.0 variant is much more sturdy than the first, using a 25-minute battery life and robust engines for flight in higher heights. Parrot also develops, designs, and markets consumer products for tablets and smartphones other than consumer UAVs and drones.

21. Pix4D

Image Source:

Pix4D is a commercial pioneer in photogrammetric software. Established in 2011 with years of scientific analysis, Pix4D software uses pictures taken by drones, hand, or plane. It generates customizable results that complement a wide variety of software and applications.


Image Source:

SLANTRANGE produces an accurate, calibrated, multispectral sensors, and an excellent analytics series for drone-based imaging in agriculture. Their distinctive approach lets users fly at just 20% overlap, procedure vision in ~10 minutes after landing without a network connection and creates a unique set of data products which go beyond NDVI, such as plant counts, canopy closure, weed maps, yield potential, and habit spectral filters with Smart Detection.

23. SenseFly

Image Source:

SenseFly is a Parrot-owned company founded by a group of robotics researchers. It is a market leader in mapping drones. Their data acquisition and processing tools are employed by clients around the world in areas like agriculture, surveying, industrial inspection, GIS, mining, and humanitarian aid.

24. SkyWard

Image Source:

SkyWard is a flight operation management platform developed for drone operators. Their platform may be used to get “solopreneurs” to program and monitor flights, and for large teams to coordinate efforts.

25. Wingtra

Image Source:

Wingtra is the world’s top drone manufacturer for mapping, mining, and survey industry specialists. Their WingtraOne drone gets off and lands like a multicenter, but flies in the air as a fixed-wing aircraft.

This technology reduces the possibility of breaking the aircraft. At the same time, landing allows the drone to take heavier, and thus, better sensors and allows mapping of large regions. As its market entry in 2017, Wingtra has associated with over 50 of the most significant equipment dealers and has been promoting mapping drones internationally ever since.

26. Zipline

Image Source: Zipline

Zipline is among the most prominent startups using drones to provide medical equipment and services to remote locations. In 2017 they delivered over 7,000 units of blood they delivered in 2017 to people living in rural areas of Rwanda through a partnership with UNICEF in rural regions of Rwanda and the Rwandan authorities.

27. Yuneec

Image Source:

Yuneec first started developing in the aircraft industry before producing the first commercially successful ready-to-fly fixed wing RC airplane innovating. Eventually, they transitioned into their increasingly popular video quadcopters. They also sell a drone made primarily for industrial drone work known as the H520.

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