How Drone Photography have Brought a Revolution in Europe

Apart from drones having been used before for military operations, it has revolutionized itself in recent years and is now capable of performing quite a number of tasks.  The economic potential of this gadget is stunning and it is continuing to evolve.

In Europe, drone photography has really changed the face of photography immensely.  It has taken photography to a whole new level and this is expected to develop further as new technologies emerge.

Both professional photographers, as well as hobbyists, are turning to drones for aerial photography and capturing those breathtaking videos and pictures from an angle beyond human reach.  Some of the uses of drone photography that have revolutionized mainstream photography in Europe are as follows:

Filming industry

Drone PhotographyDrones are likely to change the face of cinematography, given the relatively low cost of drones as compared to the cost of hiring a helicopter or airplanes to capture aerial shots.

The idea of using drones has greatly opened new avenues for cheaply creating crane or helicopter shots.

This technology is exciting to filmmakers as this enables better cinematography. Drones can also be used for motion pictures industries for making movies.

For instance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can be used to simulate an action-packed movie involving chasing with clever camera angles shots that were not quite possible before.


Drone photographyWedding photographers in Europe are slowly appreciating the use of drones in their operations. In fact, half of their clients are inquiring about the possibility of taking aerial drone photographs even sometimes inside the church.

Although some wedding photographers may risk contravening the laws governing the use of drones, this goes to show how drone wedding industry can possibly become. For as long as operative structures and framework are put in place by the responsible authorities.

Real estate marketing

Drone photographyThe need for stunning visuals has made realtors in this competitive sector to turn to the new technology of using drones.  The National Association of Realtors (NAR) alludes that more than 90 percent of home buyers start their search on the internet providing an opportunity for realtors to show and tell.

Therefore, the new technology is far much better than the traditional smartphone or video camera in that its hands-free capability enables it to be used for video tours. It has an amazing potential of capturing unique video views of homes.

Sports and motion photography

Drone photographyThe use of drone technology to capture sporting activities not only means accessing aerial pictures of sports such as snowboarding or skiing, but it enables a distant and clear view of all sport.

During a racing event, there will be no point of using multiple fixed cameras at different locations during a racing or sporting event. A UAV is capable of capturing every move of the sportsman at different periods of time with more clarity as compared to fixed cameras.

For sport light

Whenever you want to light up a photo shoot, it will involve too many tasks such as setting up reflector discs, flashlights etc. this is very cumbersome and limiting too as the lights will always be fixed.  The use of drone fixed with a light can be used by the photographers and be shifted accordingly to lighting needs just with a remote.

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