Consider these 6 Things Before Hiring a Drone in Europe

Hiring a drone in Europe

hire a drone for photographyAs the use of drone technologies intensifies, many people are now employing the services of drones for all sorts of commercial applications.

They are extremely flexible gadgets that can be used in areas where it would have been otherwise not safe to access.

Moreover, the ability to carry a variety of payloads makes it an exceptionally powerful tool that can be used for drone photography in memorable events such as weddings.

So you are thinking of using a drone for your next aerial project? It is important to take into consideration the following things before hiring a drone.

Consider the capabilities and limitations of the drone

It is important to understand that not all drones are made the same, DJI phantoms are part of everyday drone photographer toolbox and probably the least expensive product to use for taking videos and outstanding pictures professionally.

But if you are going to make the state of the art videos and pictures such as the Hollywood style, then you will likely need to go for a more sophisticated gadget.

However, it is worth noting that high-end drones can use the best video cameras in the market but will come with a much higher price for its service.

The best way to find out the quality of the photo shoots is to ask the contractor about the capabilities of their drones and finding out whether this will meet your expectations.

Understand the specific aviation policies and procedures

In Europe, drones are considered aircraft and not just toys when used for commercial purposes and therefore any operation involving them must adhere to the aviation rules and regulations appropriately.

Before undertaking any activity, ensure that you request confirmation that there are policies and procedures in place to ensure the safe use of the drone in your area. Operators must also understand how to manage any potential privacy issues.

Environmental consideration

It is also important to consider any hazards in the area, this is usually done by your operator and advising them up front will greatly speed up the process.

Proximity to aviation facilities such as airfields and airports is the first thing to check, there are guidelines in place governing the use of drones near to this area and this may vary depending on individual countries.

It may require you to seek special permission from the relevant authorities if you are operating within no-flying-zone areas. This can be handled for you by your drone operator but you should beware of an additional extra cost for this service.

The weather consideration

The efficient operation of drones largely depends on the prevailing weather conditions, as such weather can destroy your plans and therefore it is wiser to consider few different dates ahead.

It is important to be fully aware of Europe’s weather pattern and specifically in your location, understand that the filming may be delayed in an event that a storm comes out of nowhere.

If you are hiring a drone for aerial drone videos or drone photography, it is important to consider the timing. The wind is usually quiet in the mornings and evenings, moreover, sunrise and sunset offer perfect colors as there is no intense sunshine.

Compare the similar jobs and services you want

Probably you were referred by a colleague after he was offered an excellent service on an earlier occasion or event.

It is therefore very important to think of what is it that you liked about the footage you saw before bringing your job to the photographer.

If you do this, you will be prepared for a well-organized meeting with your photographer having in mind the expectation of the job you require to be done. This will also save you a lot of time as well as money too.

Prices are not cast in stone

When you want to hire a drone in Europe for any of your projects, never be afraid to always negotiate especially if you know that your project will last for weeks or months.

Usually, drone operators like to work on ongoing projects and hence they can possibly offer you a better deal. Also, consider requesting to know the available rates available on offer as this may help in meeting every aspect of your needs.

You can also go ahead and ask your pilot about his previous projects; this will give you an insight of the various capabilities of drones that you would have never imagined.

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