The Ultimate Guide to Ultralight Flying in Europe

Guide to Ultralight Flying in Europe

In the European Union (EU), the aviation industry has continued to develop so immensely. The industry prides itself on a vast range of airplanes to choose from.This ranges from the smallest aircraft such as drones to the largest commercial airlines.

One of the most popular aircraft in use today are the ultra-lights, just like the way hiring a drone in Europe is easy, and so is the ultra-light.

ultralight aircraftFlying ultralights is both an exciting and exhilarating activity.An ultra-light refers to a class of aircraft capable of flight just like any other ordinary airplane but restricted to 1 or 2 seats and has an operational mass of about 265kg at most.

Basically, ultra-light are slow flying airplanes with fixed-wing and are at times referred to as microlights in some other countries.

In Europe, there are many different types of recreational flying available and this depends on the type of aircraft involved. If you are intending to hire a drone in the Europe or any other type of aircraft such as an ultra-light, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requires that you obtain a pilot license for such an operation.

Getting a license is just but the beginning of what you intend to do in the world of aviation and therefore you have to train depending on the type of aircraft you intend to fly.

The rules and the requirements of having a Light Aircraft Pilot license (LAPL) have been approved by the EASA and it’s in the process of being implemented by all the members’ states of the EU.

To obtain an LAPL license that will enable you to fly an ultra-light airplane in Europe, you are required to undergo through a training syllabus that needs to a minimum of 45 hrs of flying.

Ten of these 45 hours will involve flying solo to test your skills on handling the aircraft. Starting an EASA LAPL needs a part-MED medical certificate which may be obtained from the Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) which he issues after the completion of the medical examination. The LAPL license will need a renewal after every 1 or 2 years depending on your age.

Ultralight flying presents one of the best ways to experience the joy of aviation in Europe. There are several types of ultra-lights available to choose from and these ranges from parachutes, trikes to the traditional fixed-wing aircraft.

They have the most accessible, exhilarating and affordable experience in the aviation industry. With the advancement in technology, an ultra-light drone has been developed with a fixed wing and with a digitally stabilized HD camera.

These devices can provide the best way for having drone videos and pictures taken with remarkable image quality.

Some kinds of ultra-light aircraft you can find in Europe are as follows:

Powered parachutes

They are Para-foil winged with a gas engine or an electrical motor to provide forward propulsion.

Trikes/weight shifts

It’s a type of an ultra-light aircraft with a powered hang glider and its way of control is via weight shift. It has a fabric flex-wing from which the glider is suspended. They are available in both single-seat ultralight or double seat ultra-light.

Powered fixed-wing

This type of ultra-light has a fixed wing and their design ranges from the basic open-frame to a fully enclosed pilot cockpit. Their body shape is usually streamlined to facilitate better aerodynamics.


Gliders and sailplanes fall into this category, there are several designs to choose from and this is suitable for those pilots who enjoy the serenity and joy of a quiet flight.


Gyroplanes and helicopters are the main ultra-lights in this category. They look similar to the ordinary helicopters but their construction and how they fly are similar to airplanes.

Lighter than air

This group includes the hot air balloons as well as powered airships. They are generally lighter-then-air ultra-lights.
If you are an aviation enthusiast and interested in buying an ultralight aircraft in Europe then you should know there are thousands of ultra-light aircraft for sale in the market. There are quite a lot of online resources to obtain information based on your specification and needs. Inquiries can always me made to airplane manufacturers and you will receive the necessary information to start your quest to conquer the skies with a plane of your own.

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